The value of home staging

by Woods Real Estate 09/11/2023

Sofa with pillows and a mirror hung on the wall

Some may say home staging is an art form. Rightfully so! It involves the process of decorating a space to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The staging of a home is done to attract potential buyers. So, what’s achieved by staging your property, and why should you hire a professional home stager? 

How much value does home staging add?

Buyers on the market are usually checking out multiple properties in hopes of finding “the one”. This means first impressions are crucial.

Home staging depersonalizes a property, so prospective buyers can envision the space as their own, rather than see it as someone else's home. 

Marketing becomes much easier for a staged home. Professional pictures and a clean yet neutral space goes a long way. 

Hiring a home stager

When you’re ready to start the home buying process, consider hiring a professional staging company. Some real estate agents offer staging services, but a professional who specializes in this area may have more to offer. 

Since they are an unbiased party, they can easily depersonalize the home and make it ready for the view of many.

Studies have even shown, 91% of sellers who’ve hired a home stager have sold their property within a month. 

Overall, home staging professionals can greatly increase potential buyers interested in the property. They can provide a neutral take in preparing your home for sale, which will increase the chances of your property selling faster. Consider inquiring about local home staging services with your real estate agent for more information.